Underneath We Are Women photo series features 100 women in lingerie

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An Australian photographer has released a sequence of photographs shooting 100 extraordinary ladies of their lingerie as a part of the Underneath We Are Women campaign.

26-year-vintage Amy Herrmann set herself the task one year ago to capture a ramification of girls from all backgrounds, of different shapes and abilities of their undies to show that all and sundry is stunning.

••UNAPOLOGETIC•• "I've had a typhoon in my thoughts over the last few days. Conflicting feelings; some true, some no longer. I thought hard about whether or not I wanted to definitely publish this complete photo from the @underneath_we_are_women campaign. I'm smiling in this photo - I suppose it is a outstanding portrayal of my personality and popular attitude. I was smiling, but I became additionally terrified as this turned into being shot. As much self assurance as I may additionally exude and portray to the world in my everyday life, the fact is I've harboured quite sturdy feelings of resentment toward my own frame for a variety of my lifestyles. Feelings, I assume, that are a mirrored image of society's deeply internalised mind-set toward the disabled body; that it's miles unattractive, unwanted, shameful, broken and that it should be modified, fixed or covered up. When I observe that it's no longer in truth my stomach or my arms or my hips that I locate it hard to look at, or that I'm wearing nearly nothing, a few people can be surprised. It's my legs and feet. They're swollen due to lipoedema and appearance different because of my incapacity. I've been superb at hiding them from the arena for years. Facing the pressures positioned upon girls to comply to idealised requirements of splendor has been rather less difficult for me than it's been for me to live in this world as a girl with a bodily incapacity. This is why I actually have decided to put up this image. It needs to be seen. I want, as a bit female, I had visible some thing like this. A disabled position version telling me that I became allowed to like myself, that I did not need to conceal, be ashamed of or apologise for my frame. That I existed. I had to discern this out (for the most component) on my own, and at times it was enormously lonely, traumatising and keeping apart. This shoot was fairly releasing and has taken me a step further towards my self popularity and capability to live unapologetically in this frame and on this lifestyles. ????????✨???? Thankyou @underneath_we_are_women for pushing me to do that. You can study extra about and help her marketing campaign right here: kck.St/2b7VnTr #regram @rvbyallegra

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And now, halfway through the assignment, Amy has skilled some emotional moments: "Each day that we do those shoots, the girls come in and they may be all apprehensive as heck after which they stroll out with this completely modified attitude,' she advised Daily Mail Australia.

"I do not think I expected that, I think I simply concept this became going to be an smooth task wherein I photographed one hundred unique ladies, made a e-book and that would be it.

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Amy is now inquiring for assist to complete the challenge and create a ebook that could also be shown in number one schools, as thought for younger girls.

"I actually have learnt to just accept help when others have offered and realised inside the manner of this adventure that my mind and views in this topic are so extensively shared by way of those round me.

"Now, I'm inquiring for help one final time, to see this project thru to crowning glory, the manufacturing of the very last ebook."

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Head over to Kickstarter to look the inspirational marketing campaign video.

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