Roodharigen - The Netherlands festival that celebrates redheads

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We wrote, final month, about the Vendetti sisters empowering redheads to like their locks, but this fresh furore for fiery hair takes all that pleasure to every other level. The Netherlands celebrated International Redhead Day inside the very nice way; via throwing a large 'roodharigen' competition with movie nights and everything.

Painting a Dutch town purple on Friday five September, five,000 redheads throughout the globe descended on the large occasion. The 3-day celebration celebrated a completely precise (and beautiful) gene pool with activities from photoshoots to lectures approximately their records.

Pin Roodharigen.Nl Pin Roodharigen.Nl

There have been additionally exhibitions, along with one known as 'Red Hot' by means of Thomas Knights, who collated photographs of good-looking redheaded guys to "rebrand the ginger male stereotype".

It all feels like a adorable way to empower people who were born with crimson hair. Now, talking by myself behalf, can we have a dip-dye festival next?

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