Body to Body 4 Hands Massage in London

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Let tow masseuses massage you properly and have had many body to body massages already from just the one masseuse, well have you ever experienced four hands? This is your chance to really heighten those pleasure levels to the maximum as you let two attractive females play and caress your body.

What is a Body to Body 4 Hands Massage Services?

A 4 hands massage in London is a full body massage delivered by two massage therapists, effectively giving you the physical and mental benefits of two massages. Traditionally a 4 hand massage would have been performed with aromatherapy oils and music. 4 hands massage is incredibly popular in massage parlors across the world, particularly in those that specialize in tantra therapy. Performed with or without oils and music, a four hands massage, delivered by two pairs of knowledgeable hands, is an intensely sensuous experience, and one that will not be forgotten.

What Happened During a 4 Hands Massage?

Whether you attend a 4 hands body to body massage London to get rid of deep-set aches and pains, or purely for enjoyment, you can be confident that your two experienced masseuses will take care of your needs. At the beginning of your sensuous 4 hands massage session, you will be asked to remove your clothes and make yourself comfortable on a massage couch.

You will normally begin your session laying on your front. Your masseuses will then apply oil to your skin and begin massaging you with synchronized movements, usually beginning at your feet and working their way upwards, before asking you to turn so that they can pay attention to your front. Your therapists will use a range of adult massage techniques on your skin, applying different pressures, different speeds, and different motions, to ensure that every muscle in your body gets the therapeutic workout that it needs, while the fluid motion of your masseuse's hands will help soothe your spirit and relax your mind.

The Benefits of 4 Hands Massage in London

A 4 hands massage is a treat for the body and the mind. Your body being pampered by knowledgeable hands relaxes the mind so that you can let go of all your tensions, physical and mental.

The benefits of a 4 hand massage include:

Improvements to the color and elasticity of your skin Relief of muscular problems Improved joint mobility Improved circulation Let us not forget about how it can decrease stress and anxiety we hold tension in our muscles, when those knots are worked out by knowing hands we feel better mentally. Some studies show that four hands massage can even decrease blood pressure. New research also shows that massage can increase the production of the hormone Oxytocin. Oxytocin, also know as ‘the cuddle hormone' helps us to bond with other humans so far from being self-indulgent, having a massage can also make you a better person!

Why Should Try a 4 Hands Massage?

People have been enjoying the benefits of massage for thousands of years, whether for medical reasons, holistic ones or sexual, massage has something to offer everyone. Four hands expertly working their way over your body leads to a heightened sensory experience- the idea being that your brain cannot predict what movement, what technique, is coming next, leaving you no choice but to submit to the experience. Free to let go, you will have a truly memorable encounter.

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