Awakening the erotic potential either through nuru massage London or through other appropriate and recognized methods in this direction

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Awakening the erotic potential either through nuru massage London or through other appropriate and recognized methods in this direction, always implies at the same time a conscious attention to it, more precisely, a gradual and ultimately perfect control, thus becoming - through it - able to handle our emotions of any kind as best: in the affective plane becoming able to receive and offer overwhelming states of love, compassion, gentleness; in the mental plane becoming more and more intelligent and not brilliant beings, and in the spiritual plane becoming more and more aware of ourselves and everything around us, seeking more and more to live the mystery that is find out beyond what you see, hear, feel, touch.

You will feel them in a pleasant and exciting way, palms, with softer or firmer alternative touches, delicate breasts, playful soles, and where a deeper touch is required, the forearms or knees, keeping the general sensual line of the massage. If, at first, to induce a state of relaxation as deep as possible, the therapist will mainly use fine stimuli for touching, silky hair, soft fingers, later, to energize the erotic energy, she will mainly use her whole body to reach you. . The massage will be performed in a loving and warm manner. Delicate and voluptuous feminine forms, which will ripple around your body, its provocative personality in a mysterious and refined way, will create a wide range of sensations full of eroticism.

Therefore, the massage of the lingam will stimulate this energy, will cause it to circulate in successive waves, from the intimate area to the extremities of the body, through various movements, finer or more powerful, by sliding, twisting or twisting. An area that will receive special attention will be your intimate area, both the penis and the testicles, the entire perineal and prostate area, on the outside. The Sanskrit name of the penis is "lick" or "wand of light". By this name it is given a symbolic value because lingam is the essence of the masculine energy concentrated in one place. You will certainly be much more aware of your body and your own sexuality, through the energies aroused by this massage.

This awakening of sexual energy through nuru massage London is always gradual and each time directed consciously. Why graded and aware? Thus, states of expansion, euphoria, fulfillment without object are easily reached. nuru massage London involves a combination of loving touches that nourish both the body and the senses, at the same time, awakening the energy of life known as sexual energy. Because the gradual awakening causes the erotic potential to be transformed into huge energy and thus, then consciously directed by the one who offers the massage in the whole being of the massaged one.

The purpose of the nuru massage London of lingam is not to lead you to an explosive orgasm, which discharges all your sexual energy, but rather is to make you feel multiple sensations of pleasure that drive sexual energy into orgasmic waves towards the heart and the crest. of the head, transforming it into other sources of energy, mental, spiritual, which you can use later as new sources of inner power and deep transformation.